Saturday, August 1, 2009

Who's idea was it to yard sale?

Just kidding! It went well, there really wasn't a lot of people buying today but I think I did okay. It was SO hot today. I am burnt to a crisp. The lack of sunshine these last few weeks made me forget about not having a tan so I didn't use sunscreen like a big dummy now I'm as red as a tomato. After sitting out in the hot sun for 8 hours I headed to The Korner to work in the kitchen for the rest of the evening GOOD TIMES!!! I don't mind working in the kitchen but I just am a wussy when it comes to heat and my skin was on fire from my burn that made the 90 degree kitchen hard to handle, but I made it! Yeah me! LOL, food service is so hard I respect restaurant worker so much! Then I came home to an empty house :( I haven't got to spend very much time with my little angel the past 2 days and it's killen me. Mat took him to Chillicothe to look at a jobsite then they went to eat at Red Lobster so they won't be in until late, I never thought I would say this but I'm bored! YIKES!!! I am so tired I just don't feel like getting into anything but since I had Rees I am a terrible sitter, before him I loved to just chill and watch tivo, but I don't keep track of many shows anymore. I have the new season or Dean and Tori home sweet hollywood on the DVR so I think I'll catch up on that. Does anyone else watch that? It's on Oxygen and I just love it. It is so relateable to me, her son is 19 months so I love to watch what they are going through with him, it's adorable and oh so true!

I'm so excited to sleep in in the morning I just hope Rees is in the mood too. Then we are going to do lunch or dinner at the new place that replaced Bennigan's. So I'll let ya'll know how that goes.

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