Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My little man is so much fun

For me being a mom has really been a roller coaster ride full of so many different emotions. We waited to have Rees to make sure we were ready to be great parents. Looking back (not regretting my decision by any means) but just looking back I'm not sure if waiting really helps anything! LOL, being a parent is hard no matter what. Where I feel that waiting was a benefit for us is I can really appreciate and just absorb every little moment of happiness and tiny things that are so precious and pass by so quickly. I have more patience now than I did when I was 23 or 26 for that matter, but I just think back over the past year and I can't figure out how we got from feeding a baby every 2 hours to Rees telling me no to every single piece of food I put in front of him? How does that happen within 16 short months? I can't even get the layers in my hair to grow out in 16 months how does my child grow/learn/develop so many things within that short period of time? I have been really reminiscent about this lately. Do all moms do this? I would think but is it really emotionally for everyone like it's hitting me? And no I do not want another baby right now so don't even suggest it!!! Here's a little collage of our day yesterday evening.

The bottom left one is what you get when you ask him to see his teeth, he is really proud of those puppies! The others are him harassing Bernie then him making up with Bernie after I get after him for being mean!

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