Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31 - I don't want to forget this

My family and I were driving home tonight about 8ish and I happened to have my camera in my lap when I looked up and saw an amazing view. The moon was even with our car, it looked like we were going to drive right into it. The moon was a beautiful burnt orange color with what appeared to be a grin across the front. It was beautiful. So much so that my husband sat in the middle of the road so I could get a picture. This picture isn't great, but I tried everything to get more detail and I didn't have the right lens with me for the perfect shot, but still I love this and I don't want to forget about it!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 30 - My new favorite bracelet

My dear sister got me this awesome bracelet. I am in love with the camera charm on it and apparently so is my cat!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29 - I love my hubby

I'm a lucky girl to have such a perfect partner (perfect match for me that is :). I love you honey.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 - Birthday planning!

First of all are your children getting mad at you like mine is me for carrying your camera around a lot? I am sorta well lets just say obsessive about this 365 project (I want to print my blog as a book at the end of the year) and it's to the point now that Rees says No mama NO when I have it around my neck LOL. Guess I'm going to have to take pictures of some other stuff and give him a break from time to time. I didn't take ANY pictures of him all day. We went to the doctor this morning and got some shots so I thought I would take it easy on him and not stress him anymore for the day. 

It's almost that time of year again. Rees' Second Birthday!!! I LOVE to throw his parties. Well at least the first one was a ton of fun. I love doing parties, but with all we have had going on the past couple of years I don't get to do it anymore so I just put all my energy into one party a year... Rees'! So I picked my theme with Rees' help of course. He chose "ta-cors" or as we would say tractors. and what better colors to go with than yellow and green of course! I found all my decor and now I am starting on the hand made stuff. I swear I get other stuff done during my day people I just stay up really late working on all my fun projects :) I dusted my cricut off and started making circles for my banner. Oh, pitter patter goes my heart here comes all kinds of hand made stuff!!! How I wish I had the BIG Cricut, but my small one will work I suppose! Next comes invitations. I have to get Rees in the studio and get some good Birthday shots. This is seriously better than Christmas to me! This year Rees will know what's going on too so that will make it even better! The cake I had made last year was amazing, but this years is even better. I just can't wait. Did I mention it's six weeks away? I like to get a jump start.

Day 27 - Just like his mama

So everyone knows that I'm a self admitted internet junkie, well guess is my child :) Not really. He is only Two (almost), but he sees me on my beloved computer all the time so any chance that he gets (when I forget to close the door to my craft room) he makes a B-line for the pc. It's just adorable though. Pen in one hand and the mouse in the other. I guess we'll be going to IUA together. That is my made up Internet users anonymous. Lame attempt at trying to be funny :) But this should make you giggle for real.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26 - Another snow day

I am a huge sucker for snow. I think I enjoy it more than Rees does. I couldn't wait to get him out this morning to play in it. I didn't know that we were supposed to get as much as we did so this morning when I let the dog out I was really excited. I waited until about 11ish to take Rees out hoping that it would warm up a bit, it didn't :) We had a great time playing and tramping up and down the little hill in the back yard, but it quickly wore Rees down since he has 10 lbs worth of stuff on so he decided to take a load off so I snapped a quick picture.  That's really all we plan on doing today. It's been such a nice peaceful day with just the two of us.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25- Got yogurt?

I've never had as much fun watching my son make a huge mess as I did today. I got him some healthy yogurt packs and he loves them. He loves to lick the container until every last drop is gone. Then he surrenders his spoon hesitantly.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick share

I am working on my 365 of 2009 in my digital scrapbooking. I ran across this picture. It is too cute not to share, I think his aunt Abby will really appreciate this :) love ya sister.

Day 24 - Healthy? That's no fun :)

Of course I made the same resolution this year as every other year and the results have been the same Nada, nothin, another broken resolution. Can ya guess what it was? Weight loss of course, I think just the pressure of knowing I have to try so hard and that it's officially the first of the year again yada yada yada, or it could just be that I am weak and I enjoy my sweets more than anyone could ever know :) I'm pretty sure it's the second one. So Rees and I took our weekly Walmart adventure this morning and I loaded my cart up with healthy things. I bypassed the snack isle (sorry Rees) and then we finished off by getting one of every fruit available this right now. We got home and I made us a fruit plate yummers! It was really good actually and surprisingly filling. So maybe this healthy thing won't be as hard as I was thinking (yeah right) tonight for dinner it's salad. The only problem is I despise salad and everything relating to salad so if anyone has any good salad recipes please share! I have decided though not to give up my dearly beloved Mt. Dew just yet I don't want my family to deal with me trying to diet without caffeine so if you see me drinking one, don't make me feel bad about it! You know who you are :)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 - Discovery

We have a small house and Rees runs around it like a maniac daily. He has passed this little figurine about 3,000 times but for some reason this little angel caught his eye today and he kept running by it and stopping to pick it up and talking to it. It's been there since he was born, but he just noticed it I guess. It was so cute listening to him talk to it in his little language.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22 - TGIF

I am so thankful it's Friday. I have been looking forward to the weekend all week! Unfortunately Rees is not feeling well again. I never know if it's his teeth or if he has a cold because the symptoms are always the same for both. We had a really lazy evening. Rees stayed in his pj's all day long, he really enjoyed that! by 8:00 we were already ready to hit the bed...even Bernie our dog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21 - So glad this day is over.

Today was just one of "those" days. Rees and I were both in stanky moods and we fueled each others fires all day long. Rees is cutting his last tooth and it's been a doozy. He is extremely cranky and has NO patience for anything right now. I have that junky stuff in my throat again and just felt like hibernating in bed all day, of course that was not an option. This picture describes it perfectly. **take note of body language and that get out of my face with the camera look.

Day 20

Just for fun.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19 It all fell into place

You know when you want to take pictures of your children and your all hyped up about a great idea and a vision you have of what the pictures are going to look like then you get to your computer after a long stressful stint of positioning your kid/kids and trying to make your vision come to life then you open up your SD card only to find that it was an hour of your life that you can never get back LOL, all that stress and fighting with your kiddos for nothing not one useable pic in the whole bunch. I have that happen to me all too often. I swear that camera = go nuts to my little man. Tonight however was a different story I asked Rees if he would let me take some pictures of him playing and he said Yezzzz so I ran for my camera and low and behold they all turned out so cute. I even broke out my flash and played around. I ended up with some amazing catchlights with this flash in his bedroom. Here are just a couple that caught my eye. I am so tired I'm about ready to crash so I think I'll post more tomorrow.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Second post of the day

I just really wanted to share the digi scrapbook page that I did today. I am in love with the bath time pictures I took of Rees yesterday. I put together a frame with four openings and hang it in the bathroom it is so cute then I decided I better scrap it too. I really liked the way the vintage look I gave the photos blended with the colors I used for the page.

Day 18 - Isn't he cute?

Our kitten was declawed last Wednesday. The vet told me to put him on light duty for two weeks. Does he know we have a two year old in our house? Not to mention they are best buddies and Rees drags Bo the kitten around everywhere with him. Needless to say Bo only got 1 day of light duty, I tried to separate them most of the time but it was just too hard to keep them apart. The cat slips through the door into the part of the house we're in and there they go. The kitten doesn't act like he's in any pain so I don't see the harm. Here is a perfect picture of Bo (I tried to get one of Bo and my son, but Rees just wasn't havin' it) this shows off how pretty Bo's eyes are!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 - Bath time

Rees has always loved his bath time. The older he gets the longer bath time becomes. He would play in the tub for hours if we would let him. And the bath toys, don't even get me started on the amount we have accumulated over the past months. The worst purchase by far were the bath tub markers. What was I thinking??? It said on the package that they wouldn't stain, yeah right! But, of course they are his favorite thing to play with in the tub :) So I'll deal.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16 - Oh how I love my iphone

I was never really a cell phone person as a matter of fact I'm still not really, but I just love all the cool stuff that iphones do. I use it all the time. I love making wallpapers out of my scrapbook embellies and using them on my iphone. Here's the one I using for Valentines Day. If anyone wants to learn how to do it I have a tutorial on one of my other blogs you can find it HERE

I tried really hard to get my son to hold this in his hand so I could get the picture that way (ya know creatively) but he wouldn't have any part of it. About the third time he threw the phone I decided it probably wasn't worth it being as I just replaced this phone last week. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 - My favorite things

My top 5 favorite things
(material posessions, we all know family is my very favorite thing in the whole world)
1. ANYTHING digital. Camera, Digital scrapbooking, blogging
2. My embroidery machine
3. My craft room
4. Ribbon *random I know, I just love though :)
5. Photography

Here is a collage of the room that brings my a huge amount of enjoyment. This is where I run away to during Rees' nap time. He's not allowed in here, this is mama's playroom :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14

I can't believe my little guy is almost two. It has flown by so fast. Not to mention he's the size of a three year old if not bigger. Everyday is a new experience for us. Seems like since he started talking about two months ago (I mean talking were you can understand him) he has gained so much independence and curiosity.  I've been so reminiscent of Rees' infancy and how quick it went by that I am so sad about how little time I have left. I mean the time left were Rees will want me to do things for him, and play with him and even the time I have left of him calling me Mama. I'm sure that will turn in to Mommy then just mom, which is all really sad and hard for me to deal with. Wow, where did all this come from? I blame the 2009 - 365 scrapbook project I am working on these pictures are just so different and I remember them like it was yesterday. Sorry to bore, I just needed to get that all off my chest and I know most of you girls know exactly what I'm going though after all Rees is not only the First baby he's the only one too :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13

I promise I do more than just craft everyday with that said I just have to share pictures of a V-day wreath I made today. I was having problems finding something to put on the front door that wasn't just one of those hearts with the shiny metallicy stuff so I seen a couple on other blogs that were cute so I decided to combine a couple of things to make one that was perfect for me. For under $10 I made this adorable fabric, tulle, ribbon wreath.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12

 think cleaning out my craft room has re-energized me to craft more. I started this project yesterday night after Rees went to bed and woke up this morning wanting to get it finished so I loaded Rees man up and we headed to Huntington to hit all the craft stores to get the finishing touches. I gotta say I was unsure about how it would go (the shopping trip) but he was phenomenally good. We hit AC Moore, Micheals and Hobby Lobby and he was such a little darling. I found all kind of treasures to add to my collection including the perfect frame for my project. I made a patchwork memo board out of charm fabric pieces. It turned out so cute! I have an addiction to beautiful fabrics but I really don't sew a whole lot so any chance I get to do a quick project that show cases my fabrics I give it a go. This was the perfect fit. If you want to give it a try HERE is the link to Moda's bake shop. They have some amazing FREE projects on their site.

Since I am enjoying my embroidery machine so much right now I threw my initials on the board too LOL!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11

I know I talk a lot about our kitten, Bo but he is just such a character it's hard not to share his antics. He is an attention crazed cat (but aren't they all?) he will go to incredible lengths to get my attention. Like yesterday he decides to climb on the sewing machine while I'm using it. Then last night he jumped off this little table directly onto my shoulder just because there was no other way to get on me. And this is today's attempt to keep 100% of my focus on him...

Everyone keep  Bo in your thoughts he will be losing his claws tomorrow. Bad for him but great for Rees and my leather couch :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10

I woke up feeling crafty this morning so I started digging through my fabric and found a great little one day project, a blanket for my little man. It has the cutest fabrics and it is very boyish so he should love it. I cut all the fabric and snapped a few pics or course then I started to sew it together and thought wow this is going so smoothly that I should try to use my new embroidery unit and put his name on it. Well after a couple hours I did get his name on it and it did turn out really cute, but my little project turned into a four hour project after all was said and done, nonetheless I had fun and I think Rees is going to love it. Great day. I even got to edit my pictures I took of my project, I can't go a day without some type of photography :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

day 9

I have to say I am really enjoying this surplus of snow we have right now. Rees is loving it too. We had a nice quiet day today. I worked this morning and Mat and Rees did their "men" thing and then we had dinner in town as a family and came home and played in play doh. What more could you want out of a Saturday :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8

Snow? Dang we sure got a lot of it. It has been a terrible day in our house. I have bent over backwards to entertain my little man today, but all he wants to do it make it out the front door to play in the snow. If it wasn't 18 degrees outside I would love to be out playing in it but, a 20 month old can't understand that logic. So here are a few pictures that represent how our day has gone.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7

I can't believe we're already a week into the New Year, that's so bizarre. I have lots of projects on my "to-do" list for 2010 and I just checked my first one off this morning. I finally got my craft room organized and set up a little better than before. I have had this room for five years, and it's my pride and joy. This is were I spend most of my time when Rees is napping. It has gotten over run with those things I pick up just because they're a good deal and I have no where else to put them so they end up in there, and all the pictures I print of Rees but then don't hang on the wall and tons of other junk. One thing that I didn't move was my favorite project that I made a couple years ago. These create letters inspire me every time I look at them.

I just realized what a horrible picture that is...sorry :(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6

Another fab dinner! This is one of our favorite dinners. I found a recipe and just kind of made it my own with things that we like. It's a salad, but the unhealthy kind :) I got brave today and decided to make my own salsa for the first time, it was pretty easy, and turned out looking really pretty but taste wise it was kinda bland. It might be better tomorrow after it sits a while.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

What a great day. Well besides the "incident" apparently Rees scratched his Grandpa in the eye yesterday when they were playing around and this morning my dad woke up and couldn't see out of it so Rees and I took him to the eye Dr. and he is going to be fine it was just a scratch no permanent damage thank goodness. But after all that we came home and played, had snacks and took a nap, well he did I went crazy and decided to organize my craft room...big mistake too big of a project for the day. Then after his nap we played and played some more! I made dinner and we all watched tv together. What more could you ask for?

Now to to the meatballs. Oh my gosh you all have to try these delicious homemade meatballs. They came from my all time favorite cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks this cookbook is wonderful but you can grab the recipe for free on her website just click HERE.

Rees really enjoyed serving the food, but he wouldn't eat any of it. Chicken nuggets yuck!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 ***Snow Day***

I went to work this morning, did 1001 things off my list which left 12,783 things to do tomorrow. Came home and my mom had just woke my little man up from his THREE hour nap wowza that's a good nap. With only an hour or of daylight left I wanted to take Rees out to play in this glorious snow. It was beautiful today watching it fall at it's slow delicate pace today and all I thought about was getting home to go out and play in it, I'm telling you I'm a huge kid when it comes to snow. Luckily Rees got into it this time too. We found his four wheeler on the patio and it actually went in the snow so that was fun for about 3 minutes then he was ready to move on. Then we went on a tour of our petting zoo and checked out all of our silly animals. The llamas looked like they were having a nice dinner in their nest LOL! Talk about function hay bale = dinner = warm home! Then miss Ruby the donkey was spunky as she always is dodging snow balls we were throwing (playfully of course) at her! Then there was Bernie. The severely overweight Sheltie. Poor Bernie, he is so big he gets worn out playing in the snow so he just rolls around in it. I would definitely say this was a successful snow day. Take a look...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3

We have had our kitten about a month now. I was sincerely worried after I brought him home that he might not be tough enough to make it with Rees, boy was I wrong. That little two pound kitten can really hold his own. He has made a stupendous playmate for Rees. They play together all day long. During Rees' nap the little kitty naps too. It's so cute. Mat is warming up to it a little bit, but not because he likes the cat by any means, just because Rees is getting so much enjoyment out of him. Here's our little hairy buddy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2

Today was so cold in Ohio. It was 15 degrees this morning, which is the coldest I think it has been all winter. On our way home tonight it started to snow and within a matter of two miles the roads were covered, I was so happy to pull in our driveway. I worked at the restaurant this morning, came home and played with Rees then during his nap I started to revamp my recipe blog. It looks much for "foodish" Did you all know that you can convert any word with the letters -ish? At least on my blog you can :) HERE is the link if you would like to get some wonderfully yummy new recipes.  All these delicious recipes have been tasted tested by me so you know that they are super duper yummy. I am very positive that I am now 100% addicted to creating/building/designing blogs. I have one in the works that will be a resource for all creatively crafty bloggers like myself. It will be compiled of tips, tricks and just stuff I love. When it is unveiled I will certainly post about it here. FYI if anyone would like a blog designed please get in touch with me. I am finished creating them for myself there just isn't enough hours in the day to blog on each one of them so I would much rather design one for someone else :) I create backgrounds, headers, buttons and whatever else you can think to throw at me so just let me know if you need help.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 of the 365 project

Mat and Rees are gone. The house is quiet. I am working diligently on photography business stuff then it hits me...I want a scrambled egg, bacon and toast and jelly. LOL Why is breakfast for dinner so good? I don't do it very often because I really don't think that it would thrill my dear hubby but I feel like a rebel when I am frying my eggs up at 6:00 pm. Oh was it yummy. :) The simple things that's all that really matters!