Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10

I woke up feeling crafty this morning so I started digging through my fabric and found a great little one day project, a blanket for my little man. It has the cutest fabrics and it is very boyish so he should love it. I cut all the fabric and snapped a few pics or course then I started to sew it together and thought wow this is going so smoothly that I should try to use my new embroidery unit and put his name on it. Well after a couple hours I did get his name on it and it did turn out really cute, but my little project turned into a four hour project after all was said and done, nonetheless I had fun and I think Rees is going to love it. Great day. I even got to edit my pictures I took of my project, I can't go a day without some type of photography :)


Vicki Smith said...

That is just darling... It took you 4 hour but it would have taken me 4 days! YOU are so creative!

Holly Ann said...

Very nice. I wish I had the patience to quilt...and the talent.

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