Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24 - Healthy? That's no fun :)

Of course I made the same resolution this year as every other year and the results have been the same Nada, nothin, another broken resolution. Can ya guess what it was? Weight loss of course, I think just the pressure of knowing I have to try so hard and that it's officially the first of the year again yada yada yada, or it could just be that I am weak and I enjoy my sweets more than anyone could ever know :) I'm pretty sure it's the second one. So Rees and I took our weekly Walmart adventure this morning and I loaded my cart up with healthy things. I bypassed the snack isle (sorry Rees) and then we finished off by getting one of every fruit available this right now. We got home and I made us a fruit plate yummers! It was really good actually and surprisingly filling. So maybe this healthy thing won't be as hard as I was thinking (yeah right) tonight for dinner it's salad. The only problem is I despise salad and everything relating to salad so if anyone has any good salad recipes please share! I have decided though not to give up my dearly beloved Mt. Dew just yet I don't want my family to deal with me trying to diet without caffeine so if you see me drinking one, don't make me feel bad about it! You know who you are :)



AimeeJ said...

That looks good...and great color!

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