Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 - Birthday planning!

First of all are your children getting mad at you like mine is me for carrying your camera around a lot? I am sorta well lets just say obsessive about this 365 project (I want to print my blog as a book at the end of the year) and it's to the point now that Rees says No mama NO when I have it around my neck LOL. Guess I'm going to have to take pictures of some other stuff and give him a break from time to time. I didn't take ANY pictures of him all day. We went to the doctor this morning and got some shots so I thought I would take it easy on him and not stress him anymore for the day. 

It's almost that time of year again. Rees' Second Birthday!!! I LOVE to throw his parties. Well at least the first one was a ton of fun. I love doing parties, but with all we have had going on the past couple of years I don't get to do it anymore so I just put all my energy into one party a year... Rees'! So I picked my theme with Rees' help of course. He chose "ta-cors" or as we would say tractors. and what better colors to go with than yellow and green of course! I found all my decor and now I am starting on the hand made stuff. I swear I get other stuff done during my day people I just stay up really late working on all my fun projects :) I dusted my cricut off and started making circles for my banner. Oh, pitter patter goes my heart here comes all kinds of hand made stuff!!! How I wish I had the BIG Cricut, but my small one will work I suppose! Next comes invitations. I have to get Rees in the studio and get some good Birthday shots. This is seriously better than Christmas to me! This year Rees will know what's going on too so that will make it even better! The cake I had made last year was amazing, but this years is even better. I just can't wait. Did I mention it's six weeks away? I like to get a jump start.


Latifa said...

Sweet, have fun

Amy D said...

What is the name of the machine called? I like the work that you do!

Amy said...

Amy D- It's a Cricut and this is the older version that only does 6"x12" sheets but it works really well for me. You can get them on ebay or at any craft store even Walmart sells them now.

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