Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14

I can't believe my little guy is almost two. It has flown by so fast. Not to mention he's the size of a three year old if not bigger. Everyday is a new experience for us. Seems like since he started talking about two months ago (I mean talking were you can understand him) he has gained so much independence and curiosity.  I've been so reminiscent of Rees' infancy and how quick it went by that I am so sad about how little time I have left. I mean the time left were Rees will want me to do things for him, and play with him and even the time I have left of him calling me Mama. I'm sure that will turn in to Mommy then just mom, which is all really sad and hard for me to deal with. Wow, where did all this come from? I blame the 2009 - 365 scrapbook project I am working on these pictures are just so different and I remember them like it was yesterday. Sorry to bore, I just needed to get that all off my chest and I know most of you girls know exactly what I'm going though after all Rees is not only the First baby he's the only one too :)


Vicki Smith said...

Ahhh, he does look so grown up in this picture! (Sorry...I'm not helping here am I:) Adorable!

Lisa Harrison said...

Oh what a doll he is. I love this!

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