Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My baby boy?

Everything is changing and I'm NOT liking it.  Rees has always been called baby Rees, but all the sudden I get the reply "I'm not a baby, I'm Rees "e" I don't know why he calls himself Reese, but he does. It's like he crossed over from my baby to a big boy overnight. He is so independent and his vocabulary is growing so fast. I find myself debating with him daily and then I sit and wonder how we got here so quick. Anyways *sigh* I begged him to help me get setup for a shoot I had this evening, which by the way went super good! and this is what I got...

Isn't he a handsome little devil!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Day!

So my friend and I rented this amazing camera lens last week and I feel in love. The day I sent it back was so sad! Then my dear hubby surprised me on Mother's day when he told me to order it!!! So I was like a child yesterday when the brown truck dropped it off! The feeling of excitement overtook me. It was like Christmas morning at age 6 again. Thanks honey! Your the best. So as Rees played with his play doh this morning

I played with my new favorite toy...

This lens is super wonderful. The pictures are amazing. It is so crisp. I ventured out to take some pictures with my new toy.

Rees wasn't that into it. LOL- to say the least. He did want to model his boots though.

That he put on by his self **in case you couldn't tell**
So I headed out back to take pictures of some more cooperative subjects!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I had this ready to post the other day and my internet went down. We recently stopped by to visit our family the other day. Rees has 6 (well 5 mobile) cousins to play with there so he was in heaven. But even then with all the other kids cooperating for pictures he still has to be "difficult" for me. Check it out.

New baby cousin in the middle baby Xander! He is so cute as are all the kiddos. Rees is pouting because he had to stop playing to get in the picture.
And then this. LOL? Who is he giving the fist too?

I love these gift baskets

My best friend from high school is having her first baby in a couple months and guess what... It's a GIRL!!! I have had the time of my life buying for her. Little boy stuff is cute, but little girl stuff is out of this world cute! I can't help myself. I'm so glad I have a boy or I would be bankrupt LOL! For Easter I made these cute CANDY BUCKETS so I had the idea to try it out with baby stuff and I think it turned out adorable. I have a matching laundry basket with a liner to embroider the babies name on and it's filled with the cutest outfits I have every seen! I threw sensible out the window when I was shopping and strictly went with outlandishly cute instead :) I am so incredibly happy for Linds & Jon I know they will be amazing parents and I wanted her to have a special gift from us so I think I'm on the right track!

Okay now I'm off to embroidery land I'll be sure to share the outcome of that in a few days. LOTS to embroider wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too cute not to share

Just another quick post as I am editing these gorgeous pictures of baby X I fell in love with this one and I just had to share it. Look at his beautiful eyes. He's not even two weeks old yet, he's so alert and beautiful.

It doesn't get any better than this...

We welcomed a new baby into our family (Rees' newest cousin) and I got to take pictures of him!!! Baby Xander is so adorable and his personality is wonderful too. His mommy let me do whatever I wanted to with him so I had a blast! Thanks Denise! I gotta admit I got a little baby fever playing with him all day. Here is one out of the hundred pictures I took of him today.

Isn't he precious!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain rain go away...

The rain is good for a couple of things... taking long naps in and playing outside with adorable rain boots and other matching gear! We didn't get to nap today, but we definitely got the adorable boots thing in!

This is one of my new favorite pictures.

I loved it so much I made a scrapbook page just for the boots...