Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My baby boy?

Everything is changing and I'm NOT liking it.  Rees has always been called baby Rees, but all the sudden I get the reply "I'm not a baby, I'm Rees "e" I don't know why he calls himself Reese, but he does. It's like he crossed over from my baby to a big boy overnight. He is so independent and his vocabulary is growing so fast. I find myself debating with him daily and then I sit and wonder how we got here so quick. Anyways *sigh* I begged him to help me get setup for a shoot I had this evening, which by the way went super good! and this is what I got...

Isn't he a handsome little devil!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lilee is the same way!!! She gets very offended if you call her a baby she says "I am not baby"!!! Sometimes I mess up and call her Mommas Babe and she gets so mad at me!!! Sarah P.

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