Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Day!

So my friend and I rented this amazing camera lens last week and I feel in love. The day I sent it back was so sad! Then my dear hubby surprised me on Mother's day when he told me to order it!!! So I was like a child yesterday when the brown truck dropped it off! The feeling of excitement overtook me. It was like Christmas morning at age 6 again. Thanks honey! Your the best. So as Rees played with his play doh this morning

I played with my new favorite toy...

This lens is super wonderful. The pictures are amazing. It is so crisp. I ventured out to take some pictures with my new toy.

Rees wasn't that into it. LOL- to say the least. He did want to model his boots though.

That he put on by his self **in case you couldn't tell**
So I headed out back to take pictures of some more cooperative subjects!


Alison said...

Great shots! Enjoy your new lens!! Same thing happened to me. I rented it and then I lusted after it.

Vicki Smith said...

Ahhh... It's so pretty! :) So, I was thinking maybe we could have a play date soon... you know, Me... and your new lens! LOL I'm so excited for you. I guess I'll just have to be happy with my new tripod that came today for now!

Anonymous said...

Lilee will be your practice subject anytime you need one lol!!! Sarah

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