Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16 - Oh how I love my iphone

I was never really a cell phone person as a matter of fact I'm still not really, but I just love all the cool stuff that iphones do. I use it all the time. I love making wallpapers out of my scrapbook embellies and using them on my iphone. Here's the one I using for Valentines Day. If anyone wants to learn how to do it I have a tutorial on one of my other blogs you can find it HERE

I tried really hard to get my son to hold this in his hand so I could get the picture that way (ya know creatively) but he wouldn't have any part of it. About the third time he threw the phone I decided it probably wasn't worth it being as I just replaced this phone last week. 


AimeeJ said...

I'm an iPhone addict too! I don't talk on it all that much, but I certainly play with it ALL the time.

Vicki Smith said...

You mean you can talk on the iphone!?!? LOL I am so addicted to mine. Love the wallpaper idea!

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