Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

What a great day. Well besides the "incident" apparently Rees scratched his Grandpa in the eye yesterday when they were playing around and this morning my dad woke up and couldn't see out of it so Rees and I took him to the eye Dr. and he is going to be fine it was just a scratch no permanent damage thank goodness. But after all that we came home and played, had snacks and took a nap, well he did I went crazy and decided to organize my craft room...big mistake too big of a project for the day. Then after his nap we played and played some more! I made dinner and we all watched tv together. What more could you ask for?

Now to to the meatballs. Oh my gosh you all have to try these delicious homemade meatballs. They came from my all time favorite cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks this cookbook is wonderful but you can grab the recipe for free on her website just click HERE.

Rees really enjoyed serving the food, but he wouldn't eat any of it. Chicken nuggets yuck!


Anonymous said...

I told you that you would love them!!!sarah

Melissa said...

I so need to get that cookbook! I LOVE PW!!

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful my hubby says it was a very good investment!!! Sarah

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