Monday, August 3, 2009

Half Time

So yesterday we decided to give the new Half Time Restaurant a try (old Bennigan's) I am such a sucker for a "new" place to go I know it's always better to let me work out the kink's but I just have to go as soon as any business opens and it always turns out the same SUCKY! I'm not saying the food or menu is sucky just seems like they need some time to perfect the way they cook the food. They repainted the place with the theme of local high schools which is nice and the menu isn't bad. It's not as formal as Bennigan's was more sandwiches and appetizers the nachos were good. But here's the really weird part.

So when we pull in the parking lot there is a camera crew outside from channel 8. And they are interviewing a man that's crying. So of course as soon as we walk in the door Mat says What's going on??? Apparently the previous Bennigan's employees last paycheck bounced. Rick Rose sold out his share of the Restaurant to his partner Mike Hughes but the paychecks came from Rick so the employees had a protest on Saturday outside the Restaurant and it was on tv so Half Time called all the news channels to come back and here their side of the story so that's what was going on outside. Then they moved the cameras inside (This is where it gets odd) We're eating and all the sudden a waitress sets a Mt.Dew in front of Rees (YIKES) so I turn around with a really funky look on my face and theres the camera smack dab in front of my so turns out we were on channel 8 news last night. I didn't see it but my In laws did. I didn't ask how retarded I looked but I know it had to be bad because I was just thinking we didn't order a mt. dew why is she sitting it in front of my baby LOL, so I bet we looked pretty hilarious. But isn't that weird? I am such an introvert when it comes to things like that, I hate it that we were on camera!

***All this info about Half time and Rick came from a waitress so I apologize if any of it is inaccurate. My own little disclaimer :)

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