Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sister night

So back in the days before I had a child my sister and I used to go out every Friday night for "sister night". No matter what was going on we always saved that day for each other. But since we bought the store and I got preggo (I was so sick that I turned into a hermit for 9 months) sister night sadly hasn't got to happen. Until last night! My sister and I went to dinner and a movie (Funny People) which in my opinion was okay, but about 45 minutes too long. But, the point of the story is we got to hang out by ourselves and just be sisters! I am so lucky and blessed to have a sister as wonderful as her. We couldn't be more different and it did take 21 years for me to appreciate her but, now I look back and regret not having a good relationship with her during our childhood because they don't come any better than my sister! Mat took his parents and Rees to the fair for the evening (which I do not participate in) so we all had great evenings.

Today we had planned on going to the mall (Abby, Rees and I) but all the thunder this morning just depressed me and I didn't feel like tackling all that "baby" stuff you have to do in the rain. Stroller, diaper bag, diaper changes in the rear of the suv etc etc etc. It is painful to travel with a child and I consider mine easy! So Rees and I sat around in our pj's till noon then grabbed lunch and played the rest of the day away. I took some pictures for Lille this evening and so when I was setting my lights up I took Rees over with me and thought I might be able to get some good ones of him, yeah right. This is seriously the best one I got and he looks like a 3 year old??? My baby is so TALL! I am desperate to get some good studio pictures of him :(

so cute how he picks the stool up and just carries it away like it's no big deal!

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