Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sad mama

I know I just posted but that was business, now to pleasure (sort of) I made a custom book of Rees' First year and it arrived today....wowza where did 17 months go??? I just can't describe how independent my boy is he won't let me do anything for him. I am not exaggerating I can't even touch his cup or he won't drink out of. He won't let me make anything easier on him, he likes to do things the hard way which don't get me wrong I think this means he will be a driven and motivated person but right now geez it's like I don't have a baby any more. This is a double edged blade. I do enjoy that he picks up after himself and he never wines just to be whining and he's really tough but I would like to baby him along a little ya know? he is still a baby! Today he walked into his room and came out with a diaper and a pack of wipes...LOL how funny is that? I have got to start potty training hard. He was nosing through a basket and turns around with a little key on a key ring and says KEEEEE oh my be still my heart. I just love it when he surprises me with new words Yeah Rees!!! He is making all kinds of words lately and worst of all....he has started referring to me as AMY which I HATE! I have been ignoring it but today he said it several times while my sister was here and she got a big kick out of it but I am really trying hard to ignore this as I have learned the bigger deal that is made out of it the more it will happen! Hmmm what else, we went swimming in his little frog pool today, when I say we I strictly meant him. No swimming for Amy in the froggie pool. I do have neighbors ya know! Then we came in to eat dinner and thank goodness he ate like a pig. He goes for days just grazing on tiny things that he will gorge, I just hate that it worries me to death. He ate a whole plate of spaghetti, and lots of other odds and ends! That's about it. Here are a couple of my new favorite pics. The first one is of him trying to shew me away from the bouncing castle, ya know it's not cool to have your mom helping you! The second one is my little ladies man he is so dang cute of course I might be a little bias :)

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