Friday, August 21, 2009


Wooo hoooo it's Friday! Yeah I love Fridays just the feeling that you get at the end of the work day on Fridays especially when I get to quit early I just love it. Even though I have to work this weekend, doesn't matter I still have the Friday Happy's!!! So Amy's 30th bday bash was fun and I think she truly was surprised which was cool. Lots of kids there and it's always fun to watch kids play and laugh at the silly little things that make kids happy i.e. carrying grapes around in a cup? Rees is funny! Food was yummy especially the cake! So for this weekend we get to enjoy another big birthday celebration Jackson turns One!!!! So that should be a good time. I just love watching kids play I know I talk a lot about it and I try to get Rees around as many kids as possible because I think it is of the utmost importance to socialize him at a young age. I was such an introvert that it was painful. I remember that scary feeling in the pit of my stomach when I had to be around strangers and I don't want Rees to go through that if it can be avoided. But it the right environment (enclosed and kid proofed) it's so much fun to watch them just be their selves and let loose with other kids. The things that they say the ideas that you can see percolating in their little brains and the ornery things they can only get into with an accomplice. To me as a parent it's one of the most enjoyable moments to see your child interact with other kids!

Hmmm. there I go again blogging about my kiddo all the time. I try so hard to keep things diversified and interesting but everything always goes back to my baby. I guess at the end of the day that's just who I am now! Hope you all enjoy the everyday antics of Rees.

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