Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who's idea was this anyways???

Well guess what we did today? We took 3 little boys to Billy Bob's...Yep It's official I'm crazy. Amy Roe and I took the boys there for a last "thursday outing" before Colton starts school. Her boys were great, mine on the other hand is a 4 year old trapped in a one year-old body. He is so stinkin independent. If I touch his drink he won't drink out of it he has to do it all his self. If I try to carry his token cup he throws a little tantrum because he wants to hold it (even though he has dropped in 42 times) Then the little maniac went around grabbing other little kids tickets as they were coming out of the machines, talk about hilarious! Those kids are addicted to the tickets. It was so exhausting chasing after him all day. But it was a really good time at the end of the day. I think the boys had a lot of fun and I know I'm going to sleep really well tonight! We went up about noon and ran into some other ladies from Gallia county with their kids up there too. Such a small world! After we got done chasing our little men I went to Best Buy and bought a point and shoot camera mine gave out. It's really hard getting out my big bertha camera just to take his pictures in the living room, so I just bought a small camera to throw in my purse so I should be having lots of candid shots to be posting soon! I was playing with it and I can't believe how many wonderful features it has for such a cheap price it's a Sony Cybershot and it's clarity is amazing. I'm obsessed with photography anymore I analyze every picture I see it's horrible I wish I could stop!!!How do I get off topic in all my posts? I am easily distracted apparently. Anyways long story shorts we spent the day with our family and had a great time making memories with the boys. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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Jesse maynard said...

Very funny about reese and the tickets. not a whole lot else to comment about, good blog

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