Friday, August 7, 2009

All jacked up

This have been crazy with Rees with week! He is like a little crazy man. The energy he has is astounding! He was been waking up early and just acting like he's "all jacked up on Mt. Dew" (to quote one of my favorite movies Talladega Nights) He is not taking his naps like he usually does and he is staying up much later than usual. Last night we fought with him until almost 11:00. YIKES. Mama needs her down time ya know??? He woke up bright an early this morning too. So I'm going to try to take all sugar items away for the weekend and see if that helps. Abby was allergic to sugar when she was little it made her very mean, which Rees hasn't been mean just constantly wound up! So we'll see if sugar is making any difference with him. Being a parent is like trying to constantly solve a puzzle, when you get through one thing it's like the next problem gets harder.

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