Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a weekend

I know it's been a few days since I last posted but there has been a lot going on these last few days! Let's start with Friday. Crazy day at the store. I for the most part try to be a stern yet very friendly business person. I don't like to feel like people don't respect me but at the same time I don't have it in me to be cut throat to people that I deal with on a regular basis. Example one of my vendors tries to feed me a line about this a sale being beneficial to me when I am sitting in front of my calculator running the numbers that show me immediately that I would make less of a profit margin on the sale (and a much larger up front cost) than if I didn't do the promotion and just used coupons. Does he think I'm stupid??? So immediately he back steps and says oh yeah I think you should just do coupons..DUH ya dumb***. Then I had employee problems. Then my stupid poison ivy started spreading. That is a whole different story I got prescription meds so it's much better today. I was in a terrible mood on Friday and I absolutely hate feeling like that. Those are the days that you just want to be able to walk out and not worry about your business, but I have to get past those days and keep truckin! Good business news is RV is starting next week and I am hoping to pull some new business!

Saturday. I went to Columbus for a friends birthday for a shopping excursion, which was great. We ate at Buca..Oh that place is so yummy then we headed home. From there I came home and took my little man swimming at my inlaws. It was nice the pool was so warm that Rees really enjoyed it. Tricia came out and swam with us and he really enjoyed that too. He is starting to get comfortable in the water I had high hopes of teaching him some swimming but I don't think it's going to happen this year. Something to look forward to next summer!

Sunday. We had the GAHS dedication ceremony to go to. I normally hate attending public things. I am a really private type person that does not like to be around a big crowd so I had mixed emotions about this, but Mat has worked so hard on this building and it was such a battle to obtain the job so to have such a wonderful outcome to the whole situation is amazing and words cannot explain how proud I am of my husband. It was a really nice ceremony and Rees made it through about 1/2 of it he spent the other 1/2 outside with papaw. There were 100's of people the field across from the school was full of cars it was crazy. So to all the neigh sayers out there TAKE THAT! Trimat built a fabulous school and it looks awesome! So after that we had dinner with some friends and headed home. Which would bring us to the hard part of the day. So Rees man is scheduled I'm sure everyone knows that by now. He did get his nap just a couple hours earlier than usual. He turned into a little hellion tonight. He had such a short fuse with all of us we couldn't even look at him without pissing him off. I consider myself a really lucky person to have such an easy child but when this boy wants to through a fit watch out! He gets that from his mama. He walked over and kicked Bernie (our dog) square in the face, made him (the dog) cry. I didn't spank him I just had a stern talk with him and made him go hug Bernie well turns out that didn't work. I was talking to Mat on the phone telling him what Rees had done and he heard me talking about it and went over and kicked him again...REALLY???? I couldn't believe it. So guess what he got a spanking. Sorry to all the "time out supporters" but that just doesn't work with my son. He has a very strong willed personality so I feel that spanking is necessary. I love him so very much that I feel like if I let one thing pass by that should be corrected I am a bad mom. LOL, it's much harder that way now but I believe it will be much easier when he gets older and knows Right from Wrong...NO GREY AREAS! I think that's why some many kids take the wrong path. It's really hard to be on top of things constantly but it's necessary. Long story short I put Rees to bed at 8:00 I couldn't take any more and he didn't want to be around me anymore either LOL, I love that little man so much and I see some of his characteristics that are like me that I wish I could change (temper, etc) It's hard to deal with me sometimes ya know what I mean? So that concludes our weekend. Nonstop and o so short. Back to work tomorrow.

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