Thursday, August 13, 2009

The perfect summer dessert

I have made this dessert twice and it is super yummy. I found it on the kraft website which is full of great,easy free recipes!

This has been another wonderful summer day. I invited Celeste and her kids over to play outside on the water slide so they came over around noon and we had a great outdoor lunch with all the kids (Baylee and Mason came over too) and the kids played while her and I chatted and took in a little sun. It was so nice. I just love to watch kids have conversations with each other it's so hilarious! All the kids where around the same age so there was a lot of Pretending going on! Let's just say the pool was shark infested! Rees was sort of a loner today, seemed like he just wanted to do his own, he was clumsy too he fell on the patio 3-4 times and skinned his legs, hands and cheeks up on the concrete! Maybe Mat is on to somthing wanting to carpet the patio, it is certainly an understatement to say he is a protective dad but it broke my heart to watch him keep falling today so I'm thinking maybe the green grassy like carpet??? LOL, just kidding girls I'm not that crazy. I hear my little man moving around I'm going to go get him up and we're going to head back outside to play!

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