Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My idea of beautiful

Back in the pre-child days I loved to garden and and grow beautiful flowers that I babied along all summer but times have changed and priorities are different now. My perennials are the only things that are still in bloom my poor annuals have been neglected to the point of embarrassment. So I took some pictures through out the summer of different things in my gardens and I have a lot of nice ones but this picture is one that I am absolutely in love with. I just love the "perspective" of it and the story that it tells. I am not an art collector nor would I know good art if it bit me in the butt I just know that this single picture makes me so happy and draws my eyes in everything I look at it.

So I played around with it today and added some cool texture effects and what not so I think I am going to order this in a canvas to hang on the wall. Rees pictures are taking over my house I figured I might through one in of a different subject matter to change things up a bit. To the point of my story things that you least expect to make you happy can! The hussle and bussle of everyday life is just overwhelming sometimes, I'm sure everyone can relate to that. So go snap some pics of something that doesn't have legs and just sit back and admire the simple beauty behind it. I have some of clouds that just make me crazy happy too! These are inexpensive things that are easy to obtain and have provided me so much peace and happiness. Do I sound crazy? Just take my word one day when things are quiet and you have a minute to yourself (when you should be cleaning house or something) go snap some pictures and enjoy them!!!!

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