Sunday, August 30, 2009

Achieving a balance

This is a life long goal right? Sort of a never ending thing because life is ever changing. My question is not how to achieve it but to keep it. I have found balance several times. Like when the store is going nice and smooth, and my hubby has a nice working schedule where he's home at the same time every night, and Rees is in a good routine etc etc. When all these things align the balance is wonderful but then there are ALL those other times like now for instance. Store "issues" hubby has a weird schedule Rees is sort of all over the place right now and I haven't had a "me" day in a very long time so balance is harder to achieve. I live to a schedule not a super ridged one but one that works for our family and when things waiver it really knocks me all out of whack. Perfect example it's past Rees' bedtime and I can hear him on the monitor screaming.... doesn't he realize this is mommy's blogging time??? Or maybe he would understand better if I told him it was "Amy's" blogging time. I'll be back in a moment to continue my thoughts.

Where was I? Oh yeah schedule. I've come to the conclusion that balance for me just means at the end of the day all three of us go to bed happy,healthy and all together. The last couple of years have been full of so many new things for us that I am very surprised at how well we have stood up to it really. I feel that motherhood has made me a much better person. I have learned so many life lessons from my little man and I am thankful for everything he has taught me. These are the reasons that I have chose to live an unconventional lifestyle and be happy with it, so we can build something for Rees. The future is so scary, children have it so much harder these days than when I was little and I hate to think in another 15 years what Rees will have to deal with so I want to be able to give him important opportunities and life lessons and first and foremost I want to lead by example. These are strictly my thoughts on motherhood, these are things that I have always held very close to my heart and I know that some of you might not agree but that is the beauty of it, it's what gives our family balance. And what gives your family balance might be complete opposite, but isn't it nice to look at all the parts of your family working together to achieve a common denominator. I hear all the time that people "don't know how we do what we do" and the answer is simple I don't think we know how to live any other way. The hubby and I are two in the same we both might deny that but that is why we work so well as a couple our goals are the same and the way we achieve our balance is the same (most of the time anyways) I hope that things stay in balance for while cause mama don't like change! This was just a little spin off on an article that I read on someone else discussing this topic and I so enjoyed reading her blog about it but at the same time it was so different that my views of balance that's why I thought it might be fun for me to talk about my "perfect" balance. Night night off to watch Shark Tank, have you guys watched that show? Channel 8 at 9:00 or on tivo :) it is such a great show!!!

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