Thursday, August 20, 2009

nadya suleman

Did anyone else watch that special last night about Nadya Suleman? Oh my gosh, I just can't image having 14 kids that is unbelievable. I just watched in amazement as Rees drug every toy he owns out into the living floor. Every day is a new adventure that I wake up looking forward to, I really do wake up going I wonder what Rees is going to surprise me with today. If you had 14 kids how could you enjoy any of the small things? Seems to me that you would be doing good to remember huge milestones of each kid! She said in the documentary that she messed her life up and her kids life up with that decision kinda broke my heart to hear that ya know? I'm sure the kids will see the show eventually, and I wouldn't want to hear my mama say that. But all in all it looked like she was holding up really well. Much better than I think I could. I think at this point I am just rambling so I better go start the day. I am waiting for Rees man to get up and keep me company. Wonder what we'll get into today?

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