Saturday, August 29, 2009

personalization makes me so happy

ANYTHING that has my name on it is awesome in my book! I adore anything that's personalized and I try to always personalize gifts. My sister is hands down the best sister in the whole wide universe. Her and I have such a wonderful, amazing, forgiving untouchable love and respect for each other that I feel she makes me a better person. Her and I did not get along until I moved out of the house and to this day I regret the horrible way that I treated her while we lived together. There is just too many years between the two of us and that made it hard to relate to each other while we where in our "formative" years but now that we're both grown ups we are best buddies, so with that said I wanted to get her something special for helping out with Rees this summer. She is such a wonderful person that I always put a lot of time and thought into her gifts and these turned out so cute I wanted to share some pictures. I found THIS cool site that would allow me design a mouse pad (with my digi scrapbook elements) and upload MY design and they printed it. I didn't really like the designs they had to offer but the capability to upload your own designs is great. So I designed a matching set which included A tote bag, a coffee mug (for her hot chocolate) bookmarks for her class, a mouse pad, stickers to go inside her books that say This book belongs to Ms. Rees and a notebook that I hand made with a cool template from Sweet Shoppe Designs that you simple edit in photoshop and then print, apply some modge podge to the cover of the comp book front and back then put a book on it to weight it down for an hour and tada you have a great inexpensive PERSONALIZED gift! Take a look....

You can click on the image to enlarge is you want to see more detail.

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C said...

your so cool, will you be my sister :)

Amy said...

Yeah another sister!!! Oh, I had some of your pickles the other day and they were super yummy!

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