Friday, August 7, 2009

My dinner recipes

I have been in a cooking mood lately and I love to try new recipes. I ran on to some phenomenal new recipes that I can't wait to share. So my buddy Roger always keeps me in fresh veggies from his amazing garden, well this year he sprung a new one on me, eggplant??? What the heck am I supposed to do with that? After it sat in my kitchen for a couple of days the thought of throwing it out really bothered my, but I had never eaten or even prepared an eggplant before so I got online and surfed around until I found a 5 star recipe on taste of home and I made a 13x9 dish last night for dinner (as a side) and between Mat, Me, Patty and Maurice it was all gone. That's how yummy it was! So give it a try.

Then I made some BBQ ribs (I used country style boneless with this recipe) and it was very tasty. It's a homemade sauce that is supper delicious. The only alteration I'll make the next time I use this recipe is doubling the sauce because I like my really saucy. They were very good and tasted a lot better than using bottled bbq sauce.

So now that Rees is a big boy he gets to take a bath in the big tub. This is such a great advancement so that I can get ready while he is taking his bath and playing, listening to songs on tv and just having a great time 3 feet away from me. He can play in that tub forever. So the other day I put bubble bath in and turned on the jets so the bubbles were huge it was so funny I had to take some pictures. I put together this collage to give to his grandmas isn't it too cute.

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