Monday, August 17, 2009

I am so happy it's Monday

I know I always moan and groan that the weekend is over and we have to start a new work week but I am truly glad it's Monday this week. I feel like I just need to start over and Monday is a perfect way to kick that off. I felt so defeated last a One year old? I'm guessing everyone goes through that but I must say it's really not something that I want to get used to. I was so flustered and confused and just DEFEATED! I wasn't thinking straight and trying to really figure out the whys and what's been different I just blamed it on an off day for Rees because his nap got messed up, I should have known better than that. My Rees man just isn't that kind of kid to be "mean" he was really just trying to be hurtful last night and I really haven't seen it that that extent before. After my mama came over this morning I gave her the run down of last night and when he got up this morning he was the same way with her. She called me and we were talking, how could I not have thought of this??? I have been giving him an over the counter cough syrup for his cough and runny nose. It was one that we hadn't used yet and it never occurred to me that it could be a reaction to that. Abby was/is that way with over the counter stuff so I'm sure that has something to do with it. It's amazing how scary a baby can be. I was in tears with him last night because that's just so far from his normal personality that is was so frustrating to try and handle. So needless to say he will not be getting any more of that stuff and hopefully by tomorrow it will be out of his system...pray for me, I need it!

So I am in much better spirits now that I have a new found outlook on things. I feel sorry instead of upset at him. I'm sure he didn't enjoy those feelings he was having and I hope we can make it through this evening without any meltdowns!

Does anyone just go blog searching when you have a free minute? Sometimes I do and I have found some amazing blogs that I love to follow. If you sign up for a blogger account (you don't have to blog) you can become a "follower" of other blogger blogs and on your dashboard page it lists all the blogs you follow and you can see when there are new posts. It is really handy and super easy to keep track of all the blogs you like to read. Here's a really good one Mama's losin it I love to read about how other mom's handle things and have a good laugh along the way.

Back to work!

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