Monday, August 10, 2009

Was anyone else caught in the monsoon?

Holy geeze what a rain storm we got! The fam and I headed into Wallyworld tonight to pick up this cool blow-up pool with a rock wall and big slide thingy that went on CLEARANCE!!! I wanted it so badly at the beginning of summer but Rees wasn't big enough for it and it was way too $$$ so when I seen they marked it down $200!!!! I went back in and got it!!! Super excited to play on it tomorrow (I hope it's warm and sunny out)(and I hope I can get the big ol' thing together) chances of this working out for me are not looking good. Anyways back on track about the time we pulled into the parking lot the storm hit. I could not believe how heavy it was raining and how hard the wind was blowing. We watched about 10 shopping carts fly at FULL speed into vehicles due to the horrendous wind, we did get a little chuckle out of it although I would be p*dd off it it hit my car but we pulled back to the far end of the lot all by ourselves and just sat back and watched, it was really comical. It lasted about 10 minutes then we grabbed the umbrellas and headed in by the time I got outside it was bright and sunny and hotter than Haiti again. We drove over to GAHS because Mat wanted to check out the jobsite to see if it was too wet to work there tomorrow...I'm guessing you all already know the answer to this, LOL I did! It was so wet and all the streams, ponds etc were overflowing it was terrible out in Centenary.

This weekend is a big time for our family, my mom is turning the big 5-0!!! She looks better than she ever has, I am so jealous, um I mean proud of her for losing all her weight she is one hot mama! And I think Rees keeps her in shape so turning it shouldn't be any big deal (at least that's my opinion but then again when I turn 30 in January it will probably be the end of my life so don't listen to my opinions about birthdays) I'm just so happy for her that she's happy and healthy. Listen to this fantabulous present we are getting her....NEW CARPET! Is that funny? if not then this will be she doesn't want to pick it out or anything she just wants to come home to new carpet installed and her house put back together and not have to do anything with it! I was happy to oblige. Those of you that know mom while totally understand this **Leighanne** Then we have the open house to attend for GAHS this weekend too. I have to brag a little on my dear hubby I am so proud of the job that he has done building this school. It looks stunning and it was his first job of this caliber and he did an amazing job on it! Way to go honey I am so proud of you not that he reads my blogs or anything but I am so thankful that I have such a hard working, motivated, dedicated hubby. I am in a yacking mood tonight. But Rees has been waking at 6ish in the mornings this week so I better call it a night. If all goes well tomorrow with the new pool I'll have some hilarious pics to post tomorrow.

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