Friday, July 31, 2009

Yard Sale

I love the "idea" of a yard sale. I always get excited when I know I am going to get to have one then reality sets in and all the HARD work starts. Amy & Terri are having one in at Toler & Toler Ins. with the community yard sale I thought it sounded like fun and a good opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff that is accumulating quickly. Oh my gosh it was so much work getting ready for it. And it's so muggy outside! Anyone needing anything for a boy size 0-4 years old should stop by between Amy and I we have a TON of great stuff for CHEAP!

On my way home from setting up for it I stopped by the store to make a pizza for diner and turns out I walked into a crisis. One of the girls hubby's fell and hit his head so she needed to leave to take him to the Dr. So me and my stinky self stayed to help out so the other two girls wouldn't be short handed and my feet are aching so bad right now! I got to leave around 8 so it wasn't so bad but I sure am ready for bed. Wish me luck selling my junk!

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