Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another favorite picture

Last night before the rain hit Rees and I were outside just bummin around. Like I said last night nothing special (so I thought) we were just out and about. I had my camera as I usually do and was snapping away as Rees went from one thing to another. Then this morning when I checked my pictures out I was so happy!!! I caught and innocent moment, do you all know how hard that is??? I instantly fell in love with this picture and after a little photoshop lovin (I can't resist tweaking on pictures to make them more dramatic) I just love it. So I guess something great did come out of yesterday!

Following this nice innocent picture was Rees pulling all my flower heads off those flowers and carring them around in a cup for an hour! But anywhoo, I am getting ready to take One year pictures for baby Jackson so I'll post again later!

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