Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our weekend

Our family had a great weekend. I worked on Saturday then came home and got Rees ready for the b-day party that Abby took him too. So I had a couple hours to myself which was nice! Then Mat and I went in and picked Rees up and he was exhausted. We went and met my mom & dad at GAHS and took the tour, that school is AMAZING! It is so huge and beautiful, I am so proud of my hubby! We spent about an hour there I think about 30 minutes of it was letting Rees run like a mad man in the gym, he was having a great time! Then I had a Chinese craving so we went back in town and had dinner. After that we headed home and Bubba, Maurice and Patty came over to watch a horse race then Mat rented the ppp UFC fight (I didn't make it through that it took way too long for the main event to come on) but we had a great evening. Then today we had a family day again. We had lunch at Mexican, we ran into Melissa, Jon and Maggie (she is such a cutie) then we headed over to the dreaded Walmart. I hate it so much I would give anything to get Kroger back! There were so many dirty rude people in there today it was gross so I just grabbed the necessatities. Came home and Rees took a 2 hour nap as did his parents :) Now I am all alone Mat & Rees went over to Nana & Papaws for dinner and I stayed behind to edit Cash's photobook but decided I really needed to blog for a minute. These are a couple snap shots of Friday night when Rees was watering all my flowers that I had already watered but he apparently thought they were still thirsty! He is such a hard worker!!!!

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