Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July!!!

I'm not sure why I love July so much, but I get really happy every year when it rolls around. I usually have a big 4th of July cook out but last year since Rees was still a newbie I didn't do it and this year we decided to have it at the farm. Their shelter house is better equipped to handle a big crowd than my little patio is! And the pool will entertain the kiddos. It's sad but I think we're going to pass on fireworks this year too. Our little man can't stay up very late and I think he would just be p'd off to stay up till 10:30 to hear loud noises!!! That's what I'll tell myself anyways. Back to why I love July (my thought run a muck sometimes) Usually it's nice and sunny and perfect pool weather, and the flowers are in all their glory, my garden is in full swing which means its time to make pickles...then eat pickles and so on and so on. See there are tons of reasons why July is spectacular. I wish I could think of another place to take Rees for a day long trip. I just don't really think I'm ready for Kings Island or anything like that I was thinking something a little less crowded. If I've learned anything it's that the more people there are somewhere means the more hassle,headache, and waiting there is which you cannot explain to a one year old.

To bring July in "officially" on my computer I had to install a new desktop on my computer. Here's mine

If you want to get one click HERE and download it then pop your pictures in and save. then right click on it and select "save as desktop"

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Anonymous said...

hey how do u put pictures in that desktop?

Amy said...

after you download it you have to open it up in a photo editing program. I use Photoshop elements but i'm sure your pc came with a program on it to edit pictures in. Try to locate what that program would be, when you find it please post what the name of it was so it might help someone else. then after you open it up open the pictures you want to use. Then you "layer" the pictures behind the desktop template. You'll see the openings for pictures are like windows when you put the picture behind the desktop template they will show through if they are in those "openings". Let me know how it goes and if you get it working.

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