Friday, July 3, 2009

River Rec Festivities

We ventured out as a family today (Me, Rees, Mom, Dad, & Abby) to go watch our cousin (Dylan Rees) play with his band at River Rec in town. Along the way to the stage Rees and dad got into some good stuff like games and we tried to get them to let us take Rees down the big slide on our lap but they said no. Rees was so amazed at all the stuff going on he didn't make a peep. He was really content just people watching. We made our way to the stage and there was another band playing...they were Terrible. Old folks trying to be cool and they were failing miserably. So this really made me a little nervous for Dylan because they sounded bad and weren't really moving much on the stage so I thought it might be the setup or something. I couldn't have been any more wrong. When Dylan and his band (Leighanne what is the band name again???) I can only remember the phrase on all the "groupies" t-shirts that said Haters can't touch us, which I LOVE! Anyways.... when they got up on stage you could tell it was going to be a really fun show to watch. They were jumping around and had cool clothes it was so much fun. We were all so glad we went and the next time he plays someone better tell me so I can be a Groupie because I really liked it! The Justin T. Song blew my mind I love the cool thing they did with their voices it was so neat. They plaid original songs, country, rock, new stuff it was just a very entertaining 1/2 hour! beat all he plays the guitar, the keyboard and sings he has so much talent I'm so proud of my cousin! Sure makes me wish I could carry a tune. Check it out....

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