Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cool Finds

So I was wasting time this morning before Rees got up and ran onto some cool things that I want to share. Have you ever needed to save something from a webpage? That happens to me all the time like a neat article or just a few lines you want to keep but I really don't want to print it or save the page to my favorites (because I will never remember why I kept it in a week or two) but I found a great article HERE on screen captures. It is only good for Vista users but there are other similar gadgets that you can download for free if you use windows xp/98. It's called the Snipping Tool and it is wonderful! I just want to know why it doesn't come on the desktop it's hidden inside the programs files somewhere and I had no idea it was even on my pc! It is fabulous, flexible and a huge time saver for me! Here's a picture of the article that I saved to my pc from an article on the internet.

This is the free form option you can use the rectangular option or just capture the whole screen, then you have the option to print, save or email your selection and you can highlight, or wright things in your selection. How cool is that???

Next is a simple yet very useful thing I now cannot live without the "find" tool. Does everyone else know about this? Probably but I have never heard of it before. Just hit Ctrl+f and you will have a little bar pop up at the bottom of your screen and enter the text, word, quote you are looking for and it will take you right to it on the screen your in. I just love that!

Well, these are my 2 finds for the day just wanted to share 'em. Looks like it might be a nice day out so I think I'm going to have a picnic in the backyard with Rees today. I need to go look for a good spot before he gets up! Have a great day.

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