Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We had a a sick little man

Sunday Rees was super cuddly, he wouldn't let us putting him down he justed wanted to hang out on our laps which has never happened before. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed it but I know something wasn't right. So Monday morning at 4 am he woke up burning hot. I took his temp and it was 102.3 so I gave him a bath along with Tylenol and put him in bed with us. After the bath he thought it was time to start the day so he was jumping around in bed and wanting to chit chat he didn't really act sick but he was burning up. He was chilling too and that was heart breaking, I hate to see that! After a couple hours we all went to sleep and then we got up at 9 and went to the Dr. I felt so silly. The doctor said I'm not sure what's wrong he acts fine. Which he was being pleasant but still not being "Rees". So the Dr. sent me home with nothing! But, throughout the day he got to feeling better and by late evening we went outside and just bummed around...obviously he was feeling better.

Then to relax after he went to bed I scrapped! I am still only up to my April pictures, I just can't believe I'm this behind. Here are a few that I did.

This is a real fish that I went and got just to do these pictures. I love how they turned out. I made a 10x20 collage and put it in his room. and at one point he caught the fish and had it in his hand outside the bowl!

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