Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Back

I know I've already posted today but there was just so much that went on today and I have taken so many pictures! This morning I got a kept Mason and Baylee for the morning so Peyton could get judged on her cooking project at the fair *** Congrats on 1st place Peyton*** we had so much fun! Or at least I did watching the kids play. Mason is Soooo great with Rees. He never hits, pushes, yells or anything else that Rees may deserve at the time he is so wonderful and patient with him (mind you Mason is only 4, so that's a big deal) Rees was a turd today though he was really rough with Mason and didn't share well at all! But I think they had a good time too! Then in the afternoon baby Jackson came over and I took his pictures, which he did so great he was an angel! Then they came over to the house to play and Rees was much better with Jackson, he didn't even hit him or throw anything at him :o) thank goodness! I think he feels like he has to be rough and tough with the older kids but he seems to know to be easier with babies. Then aunt Abby came over and we had dinner and watched a movie! Mat cooked at the gun club tonight so I was glad Abby came over and kept us company. We had a fun filled day and Rees was more than ready for bed this evening. But here's a little re-cap of our day.

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