Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm feeling better today!

Sorry about the "venting" I did yesterday, things are getting better I just blogged at the wrong time of the day yesterday when everything was crashing down! I'm sure everyone can relate. I had a lazy day today I didn't do anything except some laundry but Rees and I stayed in our pj's till noon and then just wasted the rest of the day away. It was nice and I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow until 5:00, I got an email from big lots for 20% off my entire purchase from 5-8pm and I have been after this little wicker bench they have to use as a prop for kids. It's adorable and really little and they had it priced at $120????? I don't think I would pay that for a full sized wicker bench let alone a tiny version so it went on sale then I can get the extra 20% so I am super excited to go snag that up, I've been watching it for weeks! Funny how little things like that can perk you right up, of course retail therapy always makes me feel better. If anyone else would like the coupon let me know and I'll forward the email. They have a ton of cute furniture in there right now and cute rugs too. I have also been playing around on Etsy today. If you haven't been there you need to go! It is like an online treasure trove. Like being in an upscale flea market of shabby chic stuff. You can find anything on there and it's all pretty cheap in my opinion. I love the thought of carrying something that is one of a kind and hand made by someone else! But, I didn't buy anything today I just added to my "wishlist" because I am saving up for Big Lots! I can already in vision the pictures and poses I want to use the bench for, So exciting!

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