Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is it really July...or April?

What is up with this funky weather? Every year on the 4th it's unbearably hot and muggy but now it's too cold to even swim. So weird. Makes me wonder what's going on in the ozone and all that good sciency stuff it's sort of scary how much our climate has changed over the past 10 years there has to be a reason and I'm sure it's not good.
Rees and I just ran around today. We went to see Grandma Rees at work then we went to Foodland at Spring Valley which is still Foodland YUCK! I just didn't feel like tackling Walmart around the 1st ya know, so I picked Spring Valley Foodland (Not smart either) but it was a quick trip just needed dinner supplies. Then we went over to Nana's to visit with old ma and Tricia for a while. Ma loves to watch Rees play around and he likes to put on a show for her as well. We had a nice visit and he ate a ton of roast (meat, usually if it's not chicken he won't eat it) so that made me Really Happy! It's funny how the small things mean so much and seem to be such big deals when your a parent. Or like when I hear him say Bye really low and sweet like when we leave as he's flipping his little wrists to waive goodbye it makes my heart melt. The tiniest things are so meaningful when your a parent. I have come to the conclusion that Rees has just got me in the palm of his hand these days. Don't get me wrong I do discipline him because I know it's in his best interest but it's things like laying in the floor playing with a book with all the pages ripped out for an hour. And, it's fun to me. He just melts my heart. Now that he is really verbal it has put a whole new "spin" on things. Everyday is so wonderful even if we just hang out and do nothing. I sound like a gushing mama I know but I never in a million years would have guessed that being a mom is this rewarding and fulfilling. Well enough ranting about me adoring my little man. I am having a lot of pain in my lower back today, not sure what it's from I had a headache this morning then my back started aching so bad this afternoon I can't wait to get to bed. I think I'm going to tackle the River Rec stuff tomorow my cousin Dillon is performing with his band and I really want to go watch that so I better go rest up.

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