Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pool day...wish I had a pool!

It is going to be a poolicious day out but the only problem is I don't have a pool. Aghh that sucks, I know several people that have pools that wouldn't care if we swam in them including my mother in laws but it is such a pain in the behind to pack all the "stuff" you have to have along with a 16 month old and go to the pool by yourself. It's so much work that when I get there I'm exhausted and out of the mood to swim. Is that silly? I dream of the day that I have a pool in my back yard to go jump in. Every since I was little I have wanted a pool so badly. I am a fishy and would swim every day if I could but packing up to go swimming else where sucks! Jeezy I didn't know I had all that hostility towards traveling to a pool until I wrote it LOL!!!

Mat spent all day at the Dr. yesterday including traveling to see a neurologist at Adena and still NO answers. I am really getting worried. It is the strangest thing he had to use both hands to open the door knob this morning. I just don't know what else to do? They gave him some meds and said they are leaning towards it being viral, but still that doesn't make me feel any better ya know? I want some answers. He went to work today, because when you have your own business you just don't get the luxury of being able to call in sick but he can't even hold a pen so I'm not sure that he'll get a whole lot done today. He would be upset that I am blogging about him so I'll hush up now! (He is so private that he thinks blogging is silly) we don't have to agree on everything you know!

Now to my big find of the day. Celeste sent me a link to search through blogs to find ones that you are interested in reading and I found BAKERELLA I am in love with what she does.

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