Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We had a nice 4th we spent it with family and friends. We had a cookout at the farm and it was potluck so there was a lot of super yummy food. I ate until I was sick! Rees was a little stinker and wouldn't eat anything unfortunately as a mom (and dad) that really really really bothers us. I mean deep down I know that it's not going to kill him but it really breaks my heart when I can't get him to eat well. Back on subject, the kids all played and had a nice time, until it started to rain that dreary damp yucky misty rain. I would rather it poor down than do the misty stuff. So we headed home around 7 and we all went to bed at 9:30! Funny how your life changes when you become a parent! But I was beat, Mat has been sleep deprived for a couple weeks now, and Rees always goes to bed around 9. I really needed a good nights sleep! So that was our 4th.

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