Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a productive day

This has been such a nice weekend. Asides from the fact that Mat has some super strange things going on health wise we won't go into details but let's just say his arms are so sore that he can't even open a pop bottle??? He thinks its a virus of some sort but his muscles are really weak so I am praying it's nothing serious. Other than that freaking me out I have got a lot accomplished this weekend. My house is all caught up thank goodness, I fell really behind during my "bad" week and just now bounced back! Then today we went to Wheelersburg **Home of the Jeaps** That mascot cracks me up...SO WEIRD! ----->back to my point ---> to look at some restaurant equipment mainly an ice cream machine. We ended up purchasing a huge horse trailer full of stuff. Lots of huge equipment pieces for backups along with a huge stainless steel double door freezer!!! Good buy small crappy freezers Hello commercial grade!!!!! I am so excited to get that thang hooked up. And a ICE CREAM MACHINE!!! The exact same one we have, which is wonderful so the girls will know how to use it and clean it and the ice cream will taste the same, that makes me so happy you just don't even know! It always makes me happy to make improvements to the store. With the economy being what it is right now things are tight so it's rare to get to make any "cosmetic" improvements but these new additions will definitely look and operate better. I feel that I got a good deal and I have piece of mind that we have backups in case any of our equipment goes down which is priceless to me because crap is always breaking down. New or old it doesn't matter things break all the time! Now if I could just find (make) time to weed my flower bed by the road the weeds are twice as big as my flowers aghh it's always something! Night all.

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