Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Columbus Zoo Trip

We had So much fun today. Abby wanted to start a little tradition for her and Rees to do every year so she came up with a zoo trip. Of course I wanted to go too so we loaded up today and took off! Rees was a complete angel, I could not believe it!!! I was expecting a little fit or two along the way but nada! He had a great time and the weather was perfect 70's with a breeze and no rain I'm so happy she came up with that and so glad we just took off and did it! No stress just complete fun! He was really interactive and paid some attention to the animals and ALOT of attention to all the other kids! He really enjoyed the amphibians the most..Yuck! He got to pet a snake (Abby had to take him to do that I can't deal with snakes!) and he had no hesitation he didn't want to leave it. But the zoo was really lively today most of the animals were all out and about being frisky so that was nice. Somehow me missed the giraffes and bears? Not sure were they were hiding the giraffe but we didn't see them :( So a big ol' thanks to Abby for going with us and being such an awesome aunt! It is a big undertaking to take a one year old anywhere so I really appreciate her enthusiasm about going to the zoo! Love ya sister!

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Anonymous said...

i am so glad he loved the zoo! we hope to take lilee soon! did you go to the waterpark?

Amy said...

NO WAY! I like water parks, but with a one year old I'm thinking it would be a bad idea. Next year we'll hit it for sure!

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