Monday, June 29, 2009

I cannot stand Internet Explorer

Is there anyone that is still using IE??? I absolutely hate it, well my momma taught me never to say the word hate but I strongly DISLIKE it to say the least. I work on Firefox, I LOVE it so much. There are so many wonderfully life changing add ons (I am not exaggerating; if your on the internet as much as I am and use as many different pc's as I do it really does make a huge difference) Any who... I was sailing around on the net tonight and I decided I would check out my blog using IE to make sure everything looked okay, surprise surprise it DOES NOT look okay! Stupid IE must not recognize png files because around my signature and the sidebar titles I see a light blue block around them, on Firefox it doesn't. Just another reason it's on my crapper list.

On a serious note, I know I've harped about this before but people please for the love of god download Firefox at Mozilla and start using it! it is Soooo much better. I bookmark (add to favorites) almost everysite I visit seems like with FF you can sync them so that they are the same on all the computers you use. So I put all my business ones for the store and my scrapbook stuff, photography stuff yada yada yada but point is I can access them from any computer in the world! To me that's huge. I know I am beating a dead horse but seriously make the switch. Worses case scenerio you don't like it and you delete from your computer to go back to using that outdated, problem filled internet explorer :)

I don't know how to fix the blog so it appears right on IE, nor am I going to worry about it because I am never clicking on the "E" again! I wish I could delete it from my computer but Mat would have a heartattack, he opposes change so I just think I'll keep the "E" to avoid conflict...but I am never clicking it again! Take that microsoft..LOL! Night all, I feel much better since I got all that out!

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hey amy how did you get that signature???

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