Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today is my idea of the perfect summer day. It was gorgeous outside today, too bad I had to flip burgers at the Korner! I shouldn't complain it was only a couple hours but still prevented me from swimming today, I only like to go in the heat of the day by the time I could get to the pool it would have been 5:30 (Rees took a 3 hours nap this afternoon I had to wake him finally) so we just went out back to his little pool. Well it's a Sam's Club pool and even blow up pools from Sam's are bigger! I hooked the hose up to it and it has a huge set of sprinklers on the sides...it was too funny! This pictures sums up our day...


Oh by the way, I have been meaning to beg you all to start blogs too. I am reading complete strangers blogs because I am addicted to it, I would LOVE to read a blog of someone that I actually knew! It is easy, free and SOOoooo much fun. Anyone that wants one email me and I'll help you. You can be up and going in literally 15 minutes! It is really a great way for busy families to keep up with each other. Blogger is free (it's through google) and the website cutestblogontheblock has free adorable themes that you can change daily, so please start one and send me the link!!!

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