Saturday, June 20, 2009


I can't believe that Saturdays over already. It seems like I just got up a couple hours ago. I had t ball pics this morning, grocery store trip, come home make a dessert, go to cookout, come home for Rees' nap, go take pictures for a family at Bob Evans, pick Rees up and then put him to bed. Sounds like a lot of stuff but it went by so quickly. I had a wonderful time this evening with the Bishop family. There were so fun to work with. Young, hip couple with 3 kids. They were up for anything and we had a lot of fun. I found some beautiful spots at Bob's. There is a pond behind the restaurant that has a dock in the middle of the pond, such an awesome spot for pictures. When I get them edited I will post a few. Speaking of editing I better get started!

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