Friday, June 19, 2009

I've been reading my own blog

It just occurred to me that I have never went to my blog and read through my past posts, so I took a look and realized they are ALL about Rees. LOL, I'm sure that's expected because he is the best thing ever but I thought I would try to incorporate a few other aspects of our lives in from now on too!

So let's talk gardening (how many will I lose with this subject hehehe!) I have really neglected my poor little garden. The rain just makes everything so muddy and the weeds have gotten really bad yada yada yada I think I am just making excuses because I really don't love to vegetable garden except for my cucumbers and dill I have to make my pickles ya know! But, the strawberries are doing good, I have one that was ready to eat so I waited until Rees got up from his nap to let him pick it, darn thing was gone when I went back out. Now I remember why I don't try to grow strawberries the stupid birds beat me to the ripe ones every time. So off to McCains we'll go! If they still have em, probably not :( My tomatoes are doing great too of course I hate tomatoes but little man ate 6 cherry tomatoes off my salad the other night so hopefully he will enjoy them. And to the most important thing in my garden....MY CUCUMBERS they are sucking! Isn't that the pitts. All the rain has made them a yellowish green color and killed 2 of them. I am really hoping they will snap out of it, I need my pickles! I have the most amazing dill pickle recipe and it is secret family recipe that my Grandma Rees used, I don't give it out but I am making so many pickles for people now that I am thinking of sharing it. If I do I will post it and post pics on how to make, very easy and they are truly the best pickles I have ever ate.

I am really excited because this weekend I have a family from Wheelersburg driving down to meet me at Bob Evans for family photographs! I am really looking forward to these. I love outdoor stuff. You can do so much with it and the natural light is fabulous! I will post these after I edit. So now that your up to date on my super exciting life (LOL) let me share a picture that came out of my garden. I love these flowers and I can't remember the exact name but it's something like Rudbeckia and they are 3 feet tall and very pretty.


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