Monday, June 29, 2009

Brotherly love

Last week I spent the evening with the Roe family taking pictures as BE. I brought Rees in hopes I would get a couple good shots of him but turns out that 3 boys together creates some chaos and they seem to fuel each others fire if ya know what I mean! But all in all I think it went really well. I got some great family shots for them here are a couple

I think they turned out cute, I added some vintage effects to some and this is just a small sample, I ended up with 300 on my card when I got home! I love to take pictures!!!! I am on the lookout for a set of railroad tracks in a country setting if anyone knows of any please let me know I have got some great ideas for them. I am really enjoying shooting pictures outside with natural light I am learning so much about my camera settings. I think I enjoy outdoor more than studio shooting, maybe because I haven't got to use my studio for a while. Don has taken it over to use a bidding room since Trimat is bidding on a lot of work this month. Good thing it's nice outside I would have withdraws not using my camera for that long.

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