Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rain Day

So Rees had cabin fever this afternoon so when we got a break in the rain here's what we did:


Then when we came back in we had snacks. We are so lucky Bernie is such an awesome dog, he is so wonderful with Rees he deserves an award for all the crap he takes! Like this

Rees teasing Bernie with his cheese puff....He didn't give it to Bernie if you were wondering.

And this was during "cabin fever" time. I have told Rees a million times not to pull the cords behind the tv, and anytime he wants my attention what do you think he does??? Of course runs to those dang cords. (Man my tv's dirty, just noticing this)


And this was our evening :) . Oh FYI those new pasta bread bowls from Domino's...GREAT!!! It did put me in carb overload but it was really tasty! Just thought I would share!

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