Friday, June 19, 2009

Too funny!


I stay on Rees about being rough/mean to the animals, poor Bernie is a Saint he takes soooo much off Rees and NEVER barks, snaps, jumps nothing! But the cat is different. I'm not really sure how much the cat will take from him, so I watch that carefully. This makes Rees want to hurt the cat even more though, so I'm not really sure what to do about it now? I was taking pictures out at the flower bed and the cat tagged along as soon as I turned my head I seen Rees take after him, so I correct him and ran the cat off... stupid cat came back, just glutten for punishment. So I was taking pictures and caught this



He did make the aghhhh sound as he pounced on him too! He is so ornery! I have to admit I just love it though. Such a boy! I do feel a little sorry for the cat though. Everyday is such an amazing adventure, I feel so lucky to be his mom. He has taught me so much over the past 15 months (can you believe its been that long, I sure can't) Off to bed, so I can rest up for tomorrow's adventures.

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