Monday, June 8, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa's

Mom and Abby split the day with Rees today (my mom was supposed to be getting a little break for the summer to do some stuff she couldn't get to threw the winter, but she can't go without her little Rees man for very long:) So they split the day and Rees came home exhausted. Take a look...



Aghhh. Grandma taught Rees how to operated the hose, not a good thing!


Child labor!!! Rees watered the flowers with a tiny cup from the water in his pool!


Such a busy little bee, making those trips to get that water for the flowers


That's mom's new flower bed that her and dad just built, it is so pretty!

And this is my favorite picture of the day ( I shot like 200 so that is saying alot when I pick one as a favorite)


I am so addicted to taking pictures. I never leave home without my big ol' camera bag! I am just looking for things to take pictures of these days! I even tried to pose the cat (an easier subject to work with than Rees is) so I could practice trying to get some bokeh (type of picture with a cool effect) but the cat kept rolling over on his backing wanting me to rub his tummy. So I'm still on my quest to shoot the Bokeh!

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