Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am Loving the new blog

It's still a work in process, if anyone finds any errors or links that don't work please let me know but I am really loving Blogger. Wordpress was much harder to use and I couldn't customize anything myself so you all will see changes much more often now that I can do it myself! I am addicted to blogging and now that I am learning how to do code I'm going to be dangerous! HTML is so interesting but it's a slow process learning it! Once again anyone that wants/needs any help at all with setting up a blog, I'm no expert but I would be happy to help with anything I can! This blog theme came from Sweet Shoppe Designs and was $5. It took me a while to install it but it did come with instructions that where VERY easy to follow and taught me a lot about the "behind the scenes" aspect of blogging. so I encourage everyone to'll LOVE IT!!!!!

I'm going to post again later today! I have more to say but Rees just woke up!

Oh, give Gretchen some blog love.... click HERE ***Nice job Gert***

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